Stronger, faster, better

Whatever your heavy duty need, from crating cars and trucks to industrial equipment, we have a custom solution for you. While our wood free products can handle weights up to 2000 lbs, we also manufacture heavier duty crates, pallets and containers for your custom needs.

Our Heavy Duty & Wood Products

Wood Crating

Durable standard crating for stringent heavy-duty shipments.


Reusable, water resistant crating designed to meet overseas shipping requirements.

Sofa Crate

Stackable, customizable crating designed for large furniture packaging.

Motorcycle Crate

Patented armor fiberboard corrugated sidewalls for high-impact and stacking strength.

Don’t see the product you need? We provide custom solutions tailored to your needs.

Pallet & Skid Features

Liftvans Available in Various Sizes

Wood Free Pallet Systems provide three different capacity pallets

Light – Duty Dura Pallet

  • Single destination pallet for trailer-load quantity.
  • 2000 pound even load capacity
  • Patented cross-core corrugated deck & corrugated rails
  • The LDP patented cross-core deck design is strong for a light-weight inexpensive pallet

Heavy Duty Dura Pallet HDP

  • Multi-distribution full trag-able pallet for LTL shipments
  • 2000 pound even load capacity
  • Patented cross-core corrugated deck & ply-wood cross rail runners
  • The HDP patented ply-wood rail system gives you the trag-ability that the competition does not offer

Reinforced Multi – Use Pallet RMP

  • Multi-distribution fully trag-able multi-use pallet
  • 4000 pound capacity. Patented cross-core + ply-wood deck. Spiral shock absorbing cushinoned feet
  • The RMP has the full functionality of a wooden pallet.
  • Not only is it fully drag-able for LTL shipments but you can bolt down, strap, and lag your product to the ply-wood deck.