PACT, creator of packaging and crating technologies, has joined the Council on Safe Transportation of Hazardous Articles (COSTHA), a not-for-profit industry association devoted to promoting dangerous goods transportation compliance both domestically and abroad. PACT’s acceptance to the organization comes following the successful launch of its Thermo Shield, a paper-based, fire-resistant shipping wrap designed to prevent catastrophes caused by battery explosions during transport.

Thermo Shield utilizes a revolutionary technology that actively and automatically cools the internal environment of a corrugated container. The 100% recyclable protective logistics product prevents damage to the outside shipping container, suppresses fumes or gasses from escaping, and limits external oxygen supply.

The solution aligns with COSTHA’s mission of providing guidance and support for the shipping of potentially dangerous items. Among other services, the organization provides mission-critical regulatory information via code books (49 CFR, ADR, UN Orange Book, IATA, ICAO, IMDG), and other regulatory compliance tools. COSTHA also encourages shipping safety mentorship as part of quality personnel professional development and, through this enhanced instruction, heightened standards for handling and transporting hazardous materials.

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