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Crating has just become easier, lighter, better with Packaging and Crating Technologies. Materials, labor & shipping weight: PACT addresses and minimizes all three. Our proprietary corrugated design saves you money while maintaining the strength of wood crating.  International shipping has been made easier with PACT’s corrugated shipping crates, shipping containers, machines crates, reusable trade show crates, parts crate, instrument crate,  It looks like cardboard but it performs like a full wood crate.

The PACT J-Crate is a unique proprietary crating design that competes with full wooden crates in terms of strength and with corrugated sleeves in terms of cost.

Renewable crate for the renewable market. PACT manufactures the strongest non-wood crate in the market – Stackable – Reusable – Custom – Recyclable, made from corrugated – including the shock-absorbing pallet. Any international or domestic shipments that need crating protection will benefit from PACT’s design by being as strong as wood but not the hassle of wood.  

Our cross-core laminated manufacturing process makes our corrugated crates as strong as wood but at 1/3 of the weight.  PACT also has a patented shock-absorbing pallet that is fully functional like a wood pallet.