Shipping Containers

The custom corrugated crates are a 1/3 of the weight of wood so they are easy to carry, pack and unpack.  These are stack-able re-usable crates.

PACT also manufactures an international / interstate furniture / household wrap called PleatWrap. Its an all paper wrap that is priced like a 3-ply but performs like a multi-layer 7-10 ply paper pad.  PleatWrap competes with BubbleKraft and paper pads.  PACT has two types of wrap Tissue/Kraft ( more flexible, white soft tissue furniture side,  it presents itself better with customs around.)

Kraft/Kraft (stiffer wrap, superior puncture protection, my highest volume wrap)

Both types of PleatWrap are made with virgin paper (not recycled) so there are no impurities in the paper to cause abrasion, just soft paper against the furniture. Nor are there any plastics to trap moisture. Our generic unprinted PleatWrap rolls are brown corrugated color but we also offer BRANDED PRINTED rolls.